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Recommended Webhosting Provider

We have taken the top webhosting providers in the industry, worked with and compared them against one another and present you with the facts so that you can choose the web host that you feel is best for you. Our choice? We highly recommend 1And1 Internet above all others... They simply provide the best features, the best prices, the best money-back guarantee and unparallel support.

1And1 Internet offers the best total features, the best prices, and the best support period. Whether you're a novice or professional 1And1 Internet has a plan to fit your needs. 1&1 is Hands Down the #1 Choice in Webhosting!

Web Hosting Packages start at only $3.99 per month including more web space, more data transfer and more all around features than most webhosting providers offer for more than two or three times the price.

...and that is just their starter package. 1&1 Internet offers packages to fit every individual or corporate size business with packages offering every feature you can imagine and once again at the lowest prices available and the absolute best money back guarantee in the business - 90 days!

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Overall Webhosts Review

After reviewing all of the top webhost providers, I recommend 1And1 Internet above all the rest for several reasons. First of all, they simply provide the best prices available, and while you might think that for such a cheap price you will be shorted in other areas, that is not the case with 1&1 Internet.

For instance, their starter package includes more disc space and data transfer than many other companies charging several dollars more per month. Not to mention all of the extra features that they provide with the package that many other web hosting providers only include with their most expensive packages.

But that is only the beginning with 1and1. They offer packages including all of the space and transfer along with every feature that you could want with a hosting company for a cheaper price than any other hosting company that I have found to date. As a matter of fact they provide customers with an "All Inclusive Hosting Best Value Guarantee" guaranteeing you the best features for your money. No one else offers that.

And finally, one thing that I always consider very highly when ranking any site is the quality of their support. 1&1 Internet offers the best support that you could expect from any company on or offline. They are quick to respond providing you with several ways to contact them - phone & email!

The webhosting industry is very competitive and fierce with all of the companies trying to offer the best features and services making it hard for some to know which company to trust with their business. But 1&1 makes it easy.

1and1 Internet - The Best Features - The Best Prices = The Best Value!

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  #1 1And1 Internet
  #2 Startlogic
  #3 SiteBuildIt
  #4 Yahoo
  #5 Omnis
  #6 LunarPages
  #7 Dot5Hosting
  #8 iPowerWeb
  #9 PowWeb
#10 HostGator
#11 Dotster
#12 Apollo
#13 APlus.net

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