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Top Online DVD  Rental Companies & Video Game Rentals

Below you will find the top online DVD  and Video Game rental companies available. 

Every consumer has his or her unique preferences.  The comparisons chart will allow you to see the advantages and disadvantages of each company. 

We are not partial in our reviews. Naturally, we tell you which program we rate as the best, but we also lay out the facts for you to do the judging yourself.  This way you can choose the company that you would like to deal with, knowing what to expect before you invest.

Key Features     Video Game Rentals
No Shipping Fees
No Late Fees
No Due Dates
In-Store Exchange/Return na na
Number of DVD Titles 85,000 50,000+ 6,000 Games
Customer Support
Speed of Delivery 2 - 3 days 2 - 3 days 2 - 3 days
Download Movies NO YES na
Video Games NO NO

You will receive up to 3 DVDs at one time plus 5 free in-store exchanges per month.

Largest collection if Indie films and cult classics.  You will receive up to 3 DVDs at one time plus 5 free in-store exchanges per month.

Rent or Buy Video Games Online for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance 

Cancel Anytime
Shipping Centers 30 + 200 stores multiple multiple
1 Movie out at a time $4.99 per month $9.95 per month $15.95 per month
3 Movies out at a time
Unlimited rentals per month
$13.99 per month $21.95 per month $22.95 per month
Free Trial 2 Weeks FREE No - Sign Up 10 Day Free Trial
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